Gain the knowledge and confidence to help us support vulnerable people off the streets.

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You have seen Jane outside your local shop for a few days now. You believe she is sleeping rough in the doorway. What can you do to help?

Should you smile or say hello to Jane as you walk past?

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A smile is a simple gesture, but also a powerful one. For someone sleeping rough, who unfortunately may have become used to being ignored, smiling and saying hello can boost self esteem and confidence which could ultimately help them move away from the streets.

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Should you talk to Jane about support options available to her?

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If you feel comfortable and safe talking to Jane, then you could help her get in touch with her local council housing team or you could encourage her to let StreetLink know where she is staying. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to Jane, don’t worry, there are other ways you can help too...

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Should you let StreetLink know where Jane is through their website or app?

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Contacting StreetLink is the best way to connect people to local services that can help them move away from the streets. When using StreetLink please make sure you are confident that the person is sleeping in the location you provide, this will help our outreach teams to find people and offer support as quickly as possible.

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Leaving the streets isn’t easy, but being HomelessWise is.

With these two easy steps you can help our teams support people move away from the streets and towards healthy and fulfilling lives:

Smile - Smiling and saying hello can help boost someone’s self-esteem and ultimately help the take steps away from the streets

StreetLink - By letting StreetLink know if you see someone sleeping rough, you are helping to connect them to expert support that can help them leave the streets behind.

What happens next?

Support – This is where we come in. Our teams will be able to support some people into accommodation immediately, but for others with more complex needs it might take some time. Everyone’s journey to the streets is different and so are their options away from the streets. Our teams are out day and night, developing relationships, building trust and helping people find a place to call home.

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